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Среда, 01 Фев 2023

Business Administration program by Europort Business School Prague (EPBS)

Specialized BA (Business Administration):

In Europe there is a long tradition of Business Management studies. However the studies are general and conventional. EPBS go one step further and refocus the general to provide the specialized. Its' Business Management programs are innovative with specialized degrees in Logistics, Business Human Resources , Financing and Marketing Communication

Short Duration:

Standard BA Program in Czech Republic last 3 years. At Europort Business School you can study faster. Your work experience can cancels the required internship. In a standard BA an internship is a mandatory part of the degree. At Europort Business School is taken into account the student’s professional experience and providing it is relevant to the studies, it will replace the internship. EPBS BA study program (for all specializations) lasts only 2 years.


Study hours are adapted to the full-time working schedules of our students. Evening hours during the week.


Europort Business School Prague lectors are professionals  from ŕeal business world with executive experiences. Personalities in the business field. They use real case studies.They are able to transfer their experience to an academic/teaching environment.

Study Language:

Czech, English


EPBS is accredited by a recognized European University located in the Netherlands. Credits and Diplomas are certified by the accreditation authority: Europort Business School in the Netherlands.

Competitive Pricing:

The average price of BA Program study of 3 years in Czech Republic is €17 310.  Europort Business School offers a 2 years study for €13 080.

Admission Requirements:

  • Proof of English knowledge (any language certificate or diploma)
  • Registration on www.universities.cz – then we will send you documents and
  • application forms
  • Diploma from high school – translated into English and legalized

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Дополнительная информация

  • программа обучения: бакалавриат
  • ВУЗ: Europort Business School Prague
  • вид ВУЗа: частный

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